About Malta

Malta has been attracting young digital expats for years now, ever since the Island became a hub for gaming companies. Since then Malta has become a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan country hosting an ever growing nomad family. Pubs and bars now heave with hip expats and locals, meeting up for after-work drinks in the early evening. Even traditional workplaces adopted a new corporate culture that includes fun and games while work hubs and co-working spaces with hot desks have become the remote workers and freelancers’ go-to for networking, meetings and community life.

Malta ticks all the boxes for nomad life…

  • Island life. Mediterranean sea, sun, sand, and outdoor life – our country has all the ingredients for being the ideal remote working base.
  • Communication made easy. English is an official language and the language used to do business.
  • Telecomms. With a robust infrastructure, internet speed, wifi coverage and the first EU country with nationwide 5G mobile internet service, it’s plug and play for digital nomads on the Island. Remote work has never been easier.
  • Connectivity. Malta’s location in the middle of the Med means it’s a stone’s throw away from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. With great air and sea links, our Island is well connected to the rest of the world, making travel easy.
  • Multi-culture. Malta has a chequered history of settlers and is no stranger to foreigners on the Island. Nowadays, the country hosts a large expat community from all over the world
  • Business. Nomads will find an excellent support system for start-ups and entrepreneurs and a number of Government entities offer consultancy and support services.
  • Health. Our top-notch, reputable health care system offers accessible services. With our flagship hospital, numerous Government health centres and private hospitals and clinics, residents have peace of mind in the event they experience health issues.

… and more

  • Culture and the Arts. From pop to high-brow, from all-genre gigs to opera, film and theatre festivals, performances and vernissages, Malta is abuzz with events that suit the most discerning of tastes.
  • History, heritage and tradition. With the oldest  megalithic temples in the world, Malta’s heritage is unparalleled. Residents can enjoy the finest baroque and military architecture from the time of the Order of St John, the numerous churches all with their own week-long village feasts, British war-time colonial architecture, palazzos and museums. Gems like traditional townhouses and Maltese balconies dot the villages and make for quaint and charming spots.
  • Food and drink. From all that’s Med, and all that’s in, from traditional local dishes to Asian fusion and Michelin star fare, Malta is a haven for foodies and gourmands. The Maltese love their wines and beers and numerous specialised shops offer a wide range not only of new and old world wines, but wines from boutique estates. Draft beers are a thing and most bar fridges are now well stocked up with foreign and local brands.
  • Outdoor sport. If you’re fit and energetic and love outdoor activity, welcome to the island of adventure. From scuba diving, bouldering, trekking and kite-surfing, to kayaking, HIIT fitness and yoga classes on the beach, outside is the place to be.

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